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    Beacon of Style: A Modern Makeover for a Historical Townhome

    Although this area is seeing a constant influx of new construction and development, we are also in the heart of a historical part of the nation. Downtown Leesburg and Old Town Alexandria boast some of the finest historical homes in the area! We love to just stroll the streets in these areas, admiring the unique and timeless architecture these homes have to offer.

    Of course, older homes don’t come without some drawbacks. They can be outdated or in need of some serious maintenance. And, hello? Where are all of the closets?! Storage is CRUCIAL when you have a historic home and there are some pretty crafty ways to accomplish that.

    If you’re considering renovating your historic home, there are some important factors to take into consideration and it’s important to remain true to the character of the home. That doesn’t mean you can’t get creative and bring your home into modern times though! Click here to see how Lindsay Vieira helped her clients do just that in their Boston Townhome.

    Do you live in a historic home? Send us some pictures or tips to share with our friends! We’d love to see what you’ve done with the place.

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