Home Sweet Houseboat

    Don’t we all have those days? You know the ones. The Saturday you don’t want to wake up and mow the lawn. During the Monday grind at work when you find yourself thinking, Man, I’m ready to retire near the water. A chance to escape the hustle and bustle? Get some peace and quiet?

    That’s what one boho international lawyer did a decade ago when she scooped up a houseboat in Sausalito! Megan Dixon traded in her fast-paced city lifestyle for a life on the water. But this endeavor wasn’t without it’s battles. The updates and renovations to the 30 year old houseboat took nearly 10 years to complete! Find out more about the project and get some design inspo in our latest HBD article.

    It was well worthwhile at the end of the day though. Dixon’s expectations were far exceeded with the help of San Francisco-based LOCZIdesign who spruced up the new digs with rich colors, funky patterns, and maximum use of space and light. For more pictures of the Sausalito houseboat, check out LOCZIdesign’s portfolio here! Our favorite is the upper deck (peep that gorgeous mural!).

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