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    The Best Way to Be Happy and Healthy? Get a Pet!

    Did you know pet ownership is linked to mental health benefits? There are even physical health advantages too! And having a pet is a GREAT way to teach your kids responsibility. Improved social skills also go hand-in-hand with having a pet.

    • More and more hospitals and cancer centers are bringing in therapy pets as companions for patients — the unconditional love and affection is shown to put one’s mind and body at ease!
    • People with pets tend to have lower blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and likelihood of obesity!
    • Service and emotional support animals are known to help reduce stress and anxiety! They can even be trained to assist those with physical disabilities to improve their quality of life!

    Although pet ownership should never be taken lightly, the astounding number of “pros” of inviting an animal into your family may help your decision!

    For the full write-up (AKA the irresistible reasons to adopt a pet now!), click here! And to see some of the local rescue organizations available, take a look at this list.

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